Serving Los Angeles

The greater city of Los Angeles is the third largest in the world. Home to a diverse, sprawling population, this bustling city is full of economic and creative activity. The city itself and surrounding areas of Los Angeles county include many well-known neighborhoods and cities such Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu. The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate due to its proximity to the coast and the nearby mountain ranges surrounding the opposite side of the city. This Southern California weather, however, does mean that sunny days are the standard. For all Angelenos, protection and coverage from this heat is best found in the refuge of homes with high quality window coverings.

Aero Shade Co. has provided excellence in custom window coverings in the area for over 50 years. Our family run company has been serving all areas of the greater L.A. county since its beginning. As locals, we are aware of the microclimates that affect the area. While some areas such as Culver City, the home of Sony Pictures Studios, and the Rose Bowl City of Pasadena, experience very warm summers. Other areas have more moderate climates. As the weather changes, so do a home’s window covering needs. While some may opt for flexibility in window coverings, others will prefer constant protection from the blazing sun’s rays. Our full range of window coverings offer options that work well for all of Southern California’s climates, design preferences, and styles. Properly installed shades, blinds, awnings and shutters can protect homes and businesses from the heat and rays of the sun.


Our offerings in blinds include a full range of options for translucency, sun blockage, color and material. Blinds offer maximum versatility and flexibility for those wishing to enjoy the views in Los Angeles as they can be pulled up or down for privacy or viewing the outdoors. Instyle, blinds provide a wide range of selections including vertical blinds, wide sections, thin sections, natural materials or wooden based binds. These stylish options are sure to meet the design preferences for home owners across the county. Aero Shade Co. specializes in custom blinds so that your most specific and detailed needs can be met.


Likewise, shutters provide similar protection to blinds, however, shutters are stationary and provide less flexibility, but maximum privacy. This is ideal for higher populated areas such as Los Feliz, located in Hollywood. Particularly useful for areas such as the bathroom or bedroom, shutters can provide near complete coverage of windows while also offering the option of opening the louvers to allow light to filter through. One popular style offered by Aero Shade Co. for shutters are the white, wide-louvered plantation style shutters that fit in with the light, breezy Southern California design style.


Shades are also versatile in providing protection from the sun. For beach residents in areas such as Santa Monica and Malibu who wish to have the option to have full view of the sunrise or sunset, shades can be an excellent option. Produced in a wide variety of materials including wood, cloth, and synthetic materials, shades can range from light and translucent to achieving complete sun blockage. Ideal for homeowners who prefer to enjoy natural light in their homes, light shades provide the perfect balance. The other benefit of shades is that they accommodate the option of bottom-up style, allowing light to enter your home while also offering more privacy. In either style, shades can be completely retracted for homeowners to enjoy the full panorama their windows offer.  


Outdoor spaces and the exterior of windows and doors may also be protected with awnings. Enjoy your outdoor backyard and gardens in Hollywood and Beverly Hills by resting in the cool shade created by quality awnings. These versatile features can be stationary or retractable so that you can enjoy the full view of the sky, horizon and if you’re lucky, the famous Hollywood sign on the hills. Slide wire cable awnings can cover larger areas such as walkways and pools, creating a perfect shaded or partially shaded refuge from the warm sun. A wide variety of fabrics synthetic materials or metal can be used to create the effect you desire for your awning. From billowing, light, soft fabrics, to durable, dark metals, the options in style and design are unlimited.

Services for Businesses and Commercial Properties

Aero Shade Co. also caters to the needs of businesses across Los Angeles county.  Serving coast side restaurants in the Santa Monica area and shops and boutiques in the shopping districts of Hollywood and other areas of downtown LA, Aero Shade Co. provides service and products that are particularly useful for businesses. Consider customizing your awnings with your business’s name and logo for an extra flair. With our custom window covers, your storefront windows will appear attractive and appealing.  Make a good impression on your clients with lovely window coverings that are not only functional, but beautiful.

Our Service Commitment to You

Over the years in our family run business, we have made the effort to provide not only top-notch products, but also to provide excellence in customer service. Wherever you are in greater Los Angeles area, we are able to do home visits and evaluations for your convenience. This service allows you to view samples in the comfort of your home where you can also get a better sense of what designs will match your style. In addition, we are able to do the necessary measurements on site to provide you with an accurate estimate for installation of your choice window coverings. These exclusive services set Aero Shade Co. above the rest.

For those who prefer it, we also have a showroom in the Beverly Hills area where you may come and see the full range of our products, styles and samples of materials.  In addition to our extensive offerings, we can also produce custom designed products to match the exact colors or wood stains in your home. For excellence in service and the highest quality window covers, contact Aero Shade Co. today! Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you have and explain all of our product offerings in detail.

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