Controlling the lighting and temperature play a big role in making your home a comfortable and relaxing space. Many Los Angeles residents turn to Aero Shade for window coverings, and often choose custom metal blinds to create a stylish, comfortable shaded environment that fits exactly what they want any time of the day.

Whether you want to bask in the morning light to start off your day or brighten a room in your home, or keep your blinds closed so you get the privacy you want, Aero Shade can provide custom metal blinds to fit your needs.  

What are Metal Window Blinds?


Metal blinds are a great option available for window blinds. Most metal blinds are made out of durable but flexible aluminum. There are a variety of blinds now available in metal so you can find the ones that fit the style of your Los Angeles home. The enhanced durability of metal is a great asset for homes with active children and sunny windows. Metal blinds are less likely to warp in the heat of the sun, and are resistant to moisture. Their moisture resistance makes metal blinds a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Regardless of the style and decor of your home, Aero Shade can provide you with custom metal blinds that will fit your home, and meet all of your window treatment needs.

Metal blinds are a great option for those interested in a more modern look. It may surprise you to find that many styles of blinds are available, such as wood, poly, and metal as well. Metal blinds are also available in a variety of colors, offering unique style choices to match the decor of every room. Once Aero Shade helps you find the best style of custom blinds for your home, you can choose the material to fit with your aesthetic choices and energy needs, and provides professional installation.

Types of Metal Blinds

METAL BLINDS CLOSEDMetal Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a very popular style in both new and traditional homes. The metal blinds have horizontal slats are held up by tapes or cords. Changing the angle of the slats is as easy as pulling a cord, allowing you to change the lighting in your room to what desire.  Metal blinds have a rich history and have stood the test of time. Venetian blinds go back in English history to the late 1700’s. The similar design to modern day Venetian blinds is suspected to have also been prevalent in France much earlier. St. Peter’s Church showcased a similar design of window covering during the 18th century. By the 19th century, businesses began using Venetian blinds regularly to regulate sunlight and airflow.

As with most products with an early and consistent history, Venetian blinds live up to the expectation of a stylish and high quality product. Venetian metal blinds provide an easy solution for altering the amount of light entering your home. Their wide range of adjustment is one of their best qualities. Metal blinds require minimal cleaning and dusting, making the easy to maintain. All our metal blinds can be ordered in custom colors. A powder coating is used to add the color of your choice. Aero Shade can provide you with unique and functional Venetian Blinds in metal or other materials. Bring a slice of history into your home with custom Venetian blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are best used on openings that slide open on a track, such as sliding glass doors, and many new windows. Metal is a good material to choose for vertical blinds because they are more durable than wood blinds. because many vertical window coverings  often drop all the way down to the floor and come in contact from people and pets.  Durability in these types of blinds is critical in a busy household in order to avoid having to replace your blinds as often, saving you money.

An important feature of metal vertical blinds is they are less likely to attract dust than horizontal slats, require less cleaning and create a healthier environment, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies. Aero Shade provides free In-Home Estimates and will visit your Los Angeles residence to inspect your windows and sliding doors to assess the vertical blinds needs of your home.

Mini and Micro Blinds

Mini and micro blinds are popular budget-friendly choices, and the most common blinds you will encounter in homes on a regular basis. Mini blind slats usually range about 1 inch in width while the smaller micro blinds have slats measuring about ½ inch. Both blinds are available in metal, wood or poly. An Aero Shade representative can help you determine if metal is the best window coverings for your environment or décor. Mini and micro blinds are an excellent low maintenance alternative to curtains or other window coverings.

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Choose Lutron Motors for your Metal Blinds

Lutron adds extra convenience to your window coverings. With Lutron, you can control all of your window coverings with the touch of a button. Some motorized blinds let you use an app to control them with your iPad or Android phone. These motorized systems are great for everyone, allowing family members of all ages the ease of controlling the blinds with just a touch of a button or a swipe on an screen. Adjusting blinds with metal cords and string is a thing of the past. Lutron enable you to upgrade your window treatments to the 21st Century. Aero Shade can discuss your motorized blinds options when you meet with one of our professionals to plan your new window coverings.

The Aero Shade Promise of Quality


Metal blinds are the most durable and convenient window covering option for your Los Angeles home’s windows. They have a smart, modern look, and easily fit into the style of your interior, no matter what your design requirements are. Aero Shade looks forward to designing and installing custom metal blinds to make your home a comfortable and beautiful space. Make an appointment to meet with one of our professional designers at your home, or visit our window treatment store in Los Angeles to see our showroom and learn about our variety of options.

Aero Shade has been in the business of providing custom window coverings for over 50 years for Los Angeles residents. There is no request too difficult, no concept too ambitious. If you can demand it, we can provide it. We have made our name by supplying the very best window coverings available. When you want to try something different for your home or office, give us a call. We would love to send one of our design experts to your property and hear your ideas.