Custom Built Plantation Shutters for Los Angeles Residences


Your home is a haven for relaxation and safety. It should be a place where your environment reflects your vision of peaceful living, and your desire for efficient use of energy. Shutters can be customized to fit a variety of windows, and most homeowners have specific appearance guidelines when it comes to their shutter choices. Good shutters can also help with energy efficiency when properly installed. Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings can assess your situation and find the perfect solution to your window covering needs.

Plantation Shutters – History and Features 

Custom Plantation shutters are one of Aero Shade’s specialties. Plantation shutters share a rich history with southern living arrangements. The beautiful plantations of the Deep South were known for their extravagance. The large open windows were often covered externally with shutters that were able to be opened when desired. The openness of the plantation windows allowed for airflow and a scenic view of the land.California experienced a significant increase in population during the 1950’s. During this time, homes became a major focus of growing families. It was during this change that California manufacturers brought back the idea of the historical plantation shutters. Modern versions of plantation shutters have been conformed to reside inside the home as opposed to the outdoor versions of the past. The main differences between plantation shutters and standard shutters falls in the size of the louvres. They are much wider on plantation shutters. Standard shutters fall between 1 ¼” and ¾” thick, are made for small windows, and used mostly in the northeastern part of the country. Plantation shutters are a viable option from Aero Shade, and will add a traditional touch to your home while effectively allowing for open view of outdoor scenery.While the outdoor plantation shutters of the Old South effectively shut out the elements, the new indoor versions seemed to be most coveted for their aesthetic qualities at first. However, it did not take long for clients to realize the energy efficient qualities of plantation blinds, especially in the Sunbelt of the United States. The wide louvres are extremely efficient at repelling sun-induced heat in the home. In the cooler months, wide louvres open up to allow airflow from outdoors when windows are open. This natural approach can be a very appealing alternative for both city and country dwelling. Outdoor air can efficiently cool a home with large windows some parts of the year.While this approach to cooling a home is certainly budget-friendly, it also conforms to a more natural environment  that has disappeared somewhat from urban lifestyles. Southern natives may never give up their big beautiful windows, so Aero Shade is ready to compensate household needs with custom plantation shutters. A home can be beautiful, traditional, and energy efficient with our custom shutters.

Although plantation shutters may not be right for every home, they are a viable option for those with large windows and long term sun exposure throughout the day. Aero Shade will visit your home and help you find the appropriate window covering for your particular situation. Energy efficiency is a main concern with today’s rising electric costs. Yet, as a homeowner, part of the fun is designing your home to look the way you have always dreamed about. Our custom plantation shutters tend to evoke a kind of nostalgia in our modern homes. Even with energy saving windows and modern home design, some individuals choose plantation shutters simply for the look it brings.

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Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutters

Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutters

Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings was founded over 50 years ago as a side business. The growing popularity of blinds during the 1970’s enabled us to stay in business and make it a full-time venture. The company has persevered over the years due to excellent customer service and product expertise. We serve all aspects of the Los Angeles community, from the average homeowner to celebrities and businesses.

By keeping the employee number small, our company is able to maintain budget friendly options. The excellent communication between our office employees and installers is a key component in our reliability as well. Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings looks forward to providing you with an old-fashioned work ethic and premium products. Our owners are no strangers to hard work. Our success is a direct result of countless hours of tedious planning, measuring, and construction. We do not take our success for granted and treat every job like our survival depends on it.

One of our unique aspects is the showroom area. Some homeowners are reluctant to invite our professionals into their home until they have made a more concrete decision. Our showroom allows for no-pressure browsing while still having access to our professionals for advice. Feel free to come to our business, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, just to look around.

Call Aero Shade for Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters are one of our signature products. The history they carry from the old southern plantations brings with it a high class feel to the product while also bringing something historical and conversational to your home. Aero Shade can design the right plantation shutters to fit your energy needs and complete your room.

If you decide against plantation shutters, we can also provide more modern shades, rollers and awnings. Wood and poly window coverings are available to coordinate with your present décor or add to your redesign. Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings will tailor window treatments to suit your needs and desires.

Aero Shade has also introduced motorized options for those who need the convenience of controlling their window coverings from a distance. Our senior customers benefit immensely from this possibility, as do all of our clients with limited mobility, or anyone else who enjoys the convenience of automation. Explore our showroom or visit us online for expert information and options. Before you decide to black out those big, beautiful southern windows with heavy curtains to save your electric bill, give us a call. You can have your traditional, sunny, open home, while conserving energy with our gorgeous custom plantation shutters.