Finding the right window covering for large windows can be difficult in Los Angeles. Many companies don’t offer window treatment options that fit the shape and size of your window in the style that you want. At Aero Shade, we are able to create custom blinds for any window, regardless of shape and size. For larger windows, we often recommend installing vertical blinds.

Along with our commitment to providing expert service, we are also committed to providing the homes and businesses of Los Angeles the largest selection of custom options on our vertical blinds. Our custom vertical window treatments have a wide array of options for trims, colors, patterns, and valances. Any vertical blinds we install can also be motorized for an easier way of controlling the position of your blinds. In addition to the wide variety of custom options we offer on our window treatments, we can also custom make vertical blinds to fit any window, regardless of size or shape.

Aero Shade has over 50 years of experience in providing custom vertical blinds to the residents and businesses of Los Angeles. The next time you want to buy blinds, let our experts find the best window treatment solution for your home.

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds are vertical strips of cloth, metal, or wood. A valance, or drape, covers the top, while small fastenings connect the bottom panels. This lets Los Angeles homeowners adjust the blinds to increase or decrease sunlight in the room. These blinds are better for your physical and fiscal health. Vertical blinds repel dust, which makes the air cleaner, and causing them to require cleaning less often.


Vertical blinds allow you to filter sunlight more effectively. They tilt in any direction, permitting more or less light into the room. Over time, sunlight can damage paintings and upholstery, causing them to crack and fade. During the summer, uncovered windows allows for more heat to enter the room, making your air conditioner less efficient, and increasing your utility bill. You will be better able to protect your belongings and your home using vertical blinds. In the long run, you will save money because your upholstery will not fade, nor will your walls, and you will decrease your utility bill and conserve energy by having to run your air conditioner less. And any valuable artwork will remain in top condition.

It is important to match your blinds to the colors, style, and decor of your home. Aero Shade offers window treatments with a number of custom options, allowing you or your designer to match your blinds to the style of your home. In addition to matching the style of your home, you need blinds that will fit the size and shape of your windows. Fortunately, Aero Shade offers expert custom service to every Los Angeles client to provide their home or business with the blinds that meet their window treatment needs.

Motorization Options for Your Vertical Blinds

When it comes to motorized window treatments, Aero Shade uses only the best motorized systems. We use Lutron, a leader in motorized window treatments, that provide easy to adjust blinds with a durable motor built to last. Lutron enable you to modernize your window treatments for the 21st Century. The older vertical blinds were connected by small chains, and could only be tilted by hand-operated cords. Lutron systems allow you to tilt the blinds with the push of a button, or integrate all of your window treatments into one system. You already have the latest computer systems at work and home. Why not give your window treatments an upgrade, and make your house more modern in the process?

Aero Shade carries the Lutron Sivoia motorized QED (Quiet Electronic Drive), Sivoia QS, and System Integration. All three products offer the best possible control over vertical window treatments. Digital or remote control provides the homeowner an additional degree of freedom when decorating. The look of a room changes with the amount of light. Increasing light enhances color, while more shade can create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere. Since you entertain clients and friends, you want the interior to look its best.

Aero Shade’s Customer Service Promise


Los Angeles residents and businesses who desire custom vertical blinds deserve exceptional customer service. At Aero Shade, we have the experience to give clients the attention they require to get the perfect window treatments for their home. We work with all the major window treatment suppliers in the LA area, and our record proves that we can get clients the custom blinds they want. Knowledge is the core of custom design. A craftsman can’t meet the customer’s requests if he hasn’t mastered all the details of his industry.

Aero Shade wants to make each Los Angeles home as fashion forward as its trend setting homeowners. Fashionistas should have elegant window treatments. Choosing Aero Shade for your custom designed vertical blinds ensures that you receive the input you need to create a luxurious living space.

When a home has many large windows, or sliding glass doors, window coverings are the ideal solution. Vertical blinds provide the best coverings, because the slats are flexible, and they screen a larger area than horizontal blinds.

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The Sales Process

custom-window-shades-blinds-products-los-angelesWhat makes Aero Shade so unique? Superior customer service. Here is how it works: When you contact us by phone or online contact form, we schedule a time when one of our design experts will come to your home, and give you their undivided attention. We will advise you as to how vertical blinds can complement your interior decoration, and take all the needed measurements to ensure the blinds will be an excellent fit. If you need to see more swatches, you can visit our showroom. You can choose from an extensive library of materials and colors.

After you have made your selections, our sales staff will make an appointment to install your treatment. Our installers do a thorough job, and explain how to maintain and operate your system. Aero Shade has motorized blind systems, which allow you to change the angle of the blinds with the press of a button. You do not even have to leave the chair or sofa.

Our customer relationship is a permanent one, and it does not end with the installation of window coverings. If you have any problem with your product, contact us, and we will do our best to fix it. We replace damaged slats, and advise you about cleaning and maintenance.

At Aero Shade, our sales staff thinks outside the box. They do not simply take measurements and select fabric, but advise you about valances as well as operating systems. We treat you like family, and provide the best vertical blinds in Los Angeles.

The Aero Shade Difference

Aero Shade Co Inc. has over 50 years’ experience in the window treatment industry.

We have expanded our Los Angeles business and built our reputation for excellence with a talented staff of salespeople and installers. Our employees are prompt, reliable and diligent. When you call us, you will get outstanding service and support.

From now on, call Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings for all your window treatment needs. We offer a vast range of window treatments, from blinds to shutters. Vertical blinds from Aero Shade will give you greater control over your home environment. Call us today at 323.655.2411 or 310.479.3605.