Window coverings are perennially popular décor items for all kinds of households and businesses. These products fall into two main categories: stock products such as those carried by big-box stores and made-to-order custom products. People who want to keep their decorating budget to a minimum sometimes choose to install low-quality, stock blinds. However, in a variety of ways, high-quality, custom coverings provide a significant advantage that can more than offset their extra cost.

Reliable Product Sourcing

In big-box stores, even brand-name stock products don’t offer a guarantee of adequate quality. That’s because many primary providers of these products don’t make all of their own blinds. Instead, they put their name on products created offsite by any number of third-party manufacturers. This step is taken to reduce in-house costs. However, it can also lead to substantial reductions in quality and the sale of inferior products.

In stark contrast, all reputable custom window treatment companies carefully source their products. In many cases, this means assembling blinds and other coverings onsite in facilities designed for this purpose. It can also mean outsourcing production to qualified, third-party providers. Since custom firms stake their reputation on their ability to provide personalized décor solutions, they place a high emphasis on reliable sourcing. In turn, this emphasis keeps quality high for both in-house and third-party products.

Superior Selection

All manufacturers of stock window treatments place limits on their inventory. As a rule, this means that anyone shopping for these treatments must pick from a range of options that may or may not suit their needs or personal preferences. In some cases, this limitation can lead to minor, unwanted changes in your intended design scheme. However, in a worst-case scenario, you may end up changing your plan altogether and just settling for whatever items that stock manufacturers currently have available.

Use of a custom window treatment provider will set you free from the limitations imposed by stock inventories. Instead of modifying your tastes to meet available styles and materials, you can keep your preferences intact and make selections that fully support your intentions and design vision. In addition to keeping a wide array of options on hand, the best providers will go out of their way to honor even the most unusual or uncommon requests.

Superior Fit

Your in-store purchase is just part of the process of installing window coverings in your home or office. Other crucial steps include measuring the window openings and making sure that your chosen blinds or other treatments fit the required specifications. This last step can be tricky for a couple of important reasons. First, windows come in a vast assortment of sizes, and the stock options available in a big-box store may not fit the openings in your residential or commercial space. In addition, the windows in a given area may have significant size variations, even when designed to match each other precisely. These issues can lead to problems such as uncovered gaps and window treatments too large to install as intended.

Installation of custom window treatments will help you avoid any problems achieving the proper fit for your blinds or other products. As part of their services, custom providers will take exact measurements of each window in your home or business. Next, they will use those measurements to make precise cuts on your desired materials and ensure that all windows receive their required coverage. Since you’re not limited to the use of stock options, you’ll never have to worry about finding a match for the openings in your residence or commercial building.

Onsite Assistance

As part of their process, full-service custom window treatment companies will visit your home or office. In addition to taking measurements for your desired products, this gives them the opportunity to analyze your interior spaces, ask specific questions and make in-person comparisons of various material and color options. None of this is available to people who choose low-quality, stock blinds or other window coverings. Unfortunately, the lack of an expert personal touch increases the odds that you won’t be satisfied with the outcome of all your planning and hard work.