When planning to install window coverings, you naturally want to strike the right balance between cost and durability. Several factors can have a big impact on the long-term wear and tear of different types of blinds. When aware of what to look for, you can beautify your surroundings while keeping your budget under control. With this in mind, let’s review the top locations where durable window shades are a must.

Locations That Receive a Lot of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight generates lots of heat. In addition, it contains something called ultraviolet (UV) light. Over time, both heat and UV light can have a damaging impact on whatever they come in contact with. In fact, a desire to avoid sunlight-damaged interiors is often a motivator for window covering purchases.

Unfortunately, by keeping your interiors out of harm’s way, your window blinds take the brunt of heat and UV exposure. When you buy high-durability products, you extend the amount of time in which you can avoid this common problem. Some manufacturers make fade-resistant coverings specifically designed to hold up in harsh conditions.

Locations With High Humidity

In this case, the cause of harm is humidity-related water condensation. With repeated exposure, condensation can trigger the onset of mildew or mold. It can also cause your window coverings to warp and lose their intended shape. Specific rooms known to generate humid conditions include bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. If you live in a humid region, such conditions may also affect your entire home.

You can save yourself from major headaches by knowing what you should and shouldn’t install in high-humidity locations. The two types of coverings you should strictly avoid are natural wooden blinds and heavy fabrics, Venetian blinds, or similar options. Products made from these materials include everything from shutters to curtains and drapes. In contrast, faux wood products and light fabrics in roman shades or other vertical blinds can provide durability without increasing your costs. 

Any Place You Use Your Coverings Frequently

In rooms where use is minimal, almost any type of covering can remain in good condition for extended periods of time. On the other hand, heavily used products of all kinds may not last you as long. That includes shutters, roller blinds, and other coverings operated by hand. It also includes coverings that form part of modern, automated systems. To maximize durability in high-use areas, choose products made to a high manufacturing standard.

Ask Aero Shade for Advice on Durable Window Shades

Have additional questions about durable, cost-effective window coverings for your home? Just contact reputable experts in your area. These experts can make detailed recommendations for your unique situation. What’s more, they offer a range of services to help ensure you get the results you need. That includes everything from the creation of custom products to custom installations that cover every possible consideration. No matter the in-home challenges you face, knowledgeable professionals can help you resolve them.