exterior roller shades on balcony 1The Los Angeles sun is a blessing and a curse. While cheerful sunny days are great for spending time outdoors and enjoying the warmth, the powerful rays of the sun are also damaging. Sitting too long in the sun is uncomfortable and the UV rays can also damage your property and furniture. At Aero Shade, we specialize in a wide variety of custom window coverings and related products, including exterior roller shades.

Exterior roller shades are growing in popularity as more and more people are discovering this wonderful way to control how much sun enters your space. In exterior roller shades, you’ll find a stylish solution that allows you to enjoy a cooler, shadier home or patio.

What Are Exterior Roller Shades?

back of house exterior roller shades 1 rolled downExterior roller shades are a type of roller shade specially designed to handle the outdoors. As you can imagine, they are basically shades on rollers that are placed on the exterior of your home or building to cover windows. However, they are very versatile and can be used for a number of outdoor applications beyond covering windows. Here are a few common uses:

  • For controlling shade and sun as an exterior window shade
  • On patios to create an enclosed space or protect the western-facing side
  • To block the sun on a porch

Exterior roller shades can be manually operated or motorized. Manually operated shades sometimes incorporate a pull cord that can be manipulated to lower or raise the shades. With other manually operated models, you can simply pull directly on the end of the shade to move it up and down. The motorized models are especially convenient when the shades are mounted up too high to be easily reached. With these motorized shades, you can simply press a button on the controls and move them up or down as you please.

The best part about exterior roller shades is that you can choose the exact transparency level for your space. In some cases, you may desire a shade that blocks the sun’s rays, but doesn’t completely cover your view. With a highly transparent exterior roller shade, you can enjoy the view, but avoid the glare. Or, if you want to completely block out the sun, you can choose completely solid, blackout shades. These are ideal for protecting your bedroom, or a presentation room, for example. There are also a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect shade to match your property’s design and style needs.

Exterior roller shades are specially designed to handle the elements such as rain, wind and of course, the sun. Guide wires are included along the sides of the shades so that they don’t flap in the wind. The fabrics and materials used are durable and resistant, lasting for many years. Some materials are even resistant to mold and mildew or are specially designed to block all UV rays. Ask our specialists about the many different options we have available.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Roller Shades?

commercial roller shades 1 rolled upThere are many reasons why using exterior roller shades is the perfect choice for your home or business. These attractive shades are a wonderful way to help control the amount of sun that comes into your space, keeping you comfortable.

One main benefit of these shades is that you can preserve your view. Many people enjoy watching the afternoon sun move across their backyard, but if your backyard patio is west-facing, it can quickly become inhabitable and you must constantly adjust an umbrella or similar to stay comfortable. Even so, you may feel an uncomfortable glare in your eyes as you try to read or enjoy the company of friends. An exterior roller shade solves this problem with a horizontal shade that provides protection from the sun without removing your view completely.

In addition, exterior roller shades can save you big time when it comes to energy. Southern California is known for its heat, and most properties have air conditioning so that the warmest days are bearable. However, did you know that exterior shades are much more effective at keeping your home cool than interior shades? Exterior roller shades block the sun before it ever reaches your windows, doors or skylights, helping to keep the sun’s powerful rays from heating your home. Shades will also prevent your furniture from being damaged and faded by the sun.

Exterior Roller Shades With Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings

If you’ve decided to purchase exterior roller shades for your property, you’ll want to be sure you get them through Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings. Our company has been working with roller shades since we opened over 50 years ago. We know exactly how to work with you to find the perfect exterior roller shades for your space. The best part? We can customize!

Our specialty is creating window coverings and patio or porch roller shades made specifically for your space. That means the color, material, dimensions, transparency and operation of your exterior roller shades can be customized to perfectly meet your needs. Feel free to contact our custom window covering specialists who will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the many options we have to offer.

Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings takes care of each and every one of our customers by making the process of selecting and installing your own exterior roller shades stress-free and enjoyable. We welcome you to come visit our Beverly Hills area showroom and also offer in-house consultations. You can count on us to provide constant communication throughout the project and an accurate estimate for the roller shades you’d like to consider. Then, we make sure to carefully complete measurements before ordering your custom shades. Finally, we professionally install your exterior roller shades and ensure they look beautiful, function perfectly and meet your every expectation.

Don’t let the sun chase you inside or control your energy bill any longer! Enjoy the combination of comfort and a view with exterior roller shades. Give our friendly staff a call today to discuss your project. We look forward to serving you soon.