Sitting on a nice sunny patio first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day. As the sun rises and the heat increases, one can become a little too uncomfortable. Sun umbrellas can provide small areas of shade, but have to be constantly moved as the sun tracks across the sky. The Los Angeles professionals at Aero Shade are ready to tell you about a great alternative: installing a slide wire cable awning. Slide wire cable awnings have been popular in the sunnier European countries for many years, and now are becoming more popular in the US.

What is a Slide Wire Cable Awning?

2In very simple terms, a Slide Wire Cable Awning is a canopy made of flexible material that is attached at regular intervals between two parallel wires that runs along both sides. It can be opened as much or as little as is needed simply by sliding it along the wire. The wires can be attached to a frame, or can just be secured at either end (e.g. from one wall to an opposite one). The main requirement is that the securing locations are sufficiently sturdy to hold the cable attachments with the cable under tension. It is a solution to a recurring problem of providing shade that does not rely on complicated technology and is highly effective.

How Large an Area can a Slide Wire Cable Awning Cover?

SLIDE WIRE TWO COLOR WOOD FRAMEAs the awning is made up of panels, there is no actual upper length or width. However, longer or wider awnings may need additional support wires to ensure that the additional weight of the larger awning is fully supported.

An alternative method of covering a wide area is to use a number of narrower awnings side by side. Not only does this simplify the manufacture and installation, but it adds a greater degree of flexibility. If only parts of an area need shading, only some of the awnings need be hung at any one time. Extra-long pieces may also warrant heavier gauge wires and greater tension to prevent cable sag. Call us at Aero Shade to discuss your requirements with us. We are more than happy to help with advice.

What Materials are used in Making a Slide Wire Cable Awning?

2009.05.27 Pergola 1 (Small)Traditionally all awnings were made of canvas, and many still are. However, at Aero Shade we are finding that today’s modern synthetic fabrics with their lighter weights and flexible properties are becoming increasingly popular in the Los Angeles area. Fabrics with fade resistant colors are another popular choice, as are fabrics with a fine mesh weave that will allow light through, yet protect from strong sunlight.

Modern fabrics also tend to facilitate enabling different materials to be joined in the same awning. For example: it is possible to blend solid panels with mesh panels. The wire, the turnbuckles, and awning hangers in such an arrangement are all made of stainless steel.

Styles of Slide Wire Cable Awnings

There are two basic styles of slide wire cable awning: flat or billowed. A billowed look is achieved with straps between each panel that are shorter than the size of the panel. When opened out, this design allows the material to hang down in a ‘U’ shape. As this uses more material than a flat panel design, it is obviously more expensive, but when constructed properly, the effect is very attractive.

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Installing Your Custom Slide Wire Cable Awning

Aero Shade stands fully prepared to install your awnings, regardless of their size or intended location. If you prefer to install them yourself as a DIY project, Aero Shade will provide you with any assistance you may require in the form of delivery, planning, advice, or motorization. Once your awnings are raised, we can also assess your arrangement to make sure everything is working properly. The key points of installation work are to ensure that the two wires are parallel to each other and that the attachment hooks are securely fixed to the frame or wall. The secure attachment enables the wires to be tensioned correctly.

Los Angeles Weather and Your Slide Wire Cable Awning

photo cA light breeze will have no effect on your slide wire cable awning. However, stronger Los Angeles winds run the chance that your awning may get caught and act a sail. If stronger winds are expected it is better to close your awning up to minimize the risk, and optional ties are available to help secure your awning safely. For particularly strong winds, it may be better to take the awning down. Removing the awning is a very quick and simple job that only requires the awning to be unclipped from the wire.

Your awning can handle rain in two different ways. Depending on the material that you choose, mesh material allows any water to percolate slowly through the fabric to prevent water collecting on it. An alternative method for tightly woven material is to have one wire slightly lower than the other. This offset gives a slight slope to the awning, and this slope allows the rainwater to flow down and off the end of the awning. Contact us at Aero Shade to discuss your requirements and allow us to tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Operation and Maintenance

Opening and closing your awning are just a matter of sliding the awning along the wires. If you would prefer, the movement can be electrically controlled. As all materials and hardware that Aero Shade uses in the construction of your slide wire cable awning are weatherproof, there is very little maintenance required. Over a period of time, the wires may stretch a little, but this can be rectified by adjusting the turnbuckles. Occasionally the fabric may become dirty and require cleaning. Loose dirt can be brushed off and the panels cleaned with a mild detergent and water.

Not just for the Patio …

In the example quoted in the opening paragraph, it was suggested that slide wire cable awnings were ideal for patios, and they are. But patios are just one situation where they are useful. Virtually any space where you can fit two parallel wires can be covered with a slide wire cable awning, as long as you would like some protection from the sun. Swimming pools are a great location, as are walkways between buildings.

What to do next – Contact Us for a Free In-Home Estimate

photo7Just contact us at Aero Shade for a free in-home estimate and we will be happy to help you consider all the options for your slide wire cable awning – fabrics, colors, and styles: flat or billowing. You should also inquire about motorization. When our design experts visit your home or business, we are happy to help you come up with an ideal solution for you. Aero Shade will answer any questions you have regarding the feasibility of a slide cable wire awning for your intended location. We can also advise about other types of awnings that may serve you as well.

Slide wire cable awnings are just one of the wide range of custom shading and window covering solutions from Aero Shade Custom Window Treatment Store that can provide shade and privacy, while minimizing heat entering a building or room. With a combination of designs and materials, coupled with over 50 years of experience, we can provide an answer, regardless of your needs. Contact us today and see for yourself.