The main reason why many people opt for wood shutters is for aesthetics. For those consumers, the look of real wood offsets any disadvantages that may come with this particular shutter choice. However, there’s a way to get the look of real wood, while taking advantage of the key benefits that synthetic-based shutter alternatives offer.

When it comes to painted or stained shutters, Aero Shade offers our clients a wealth of luxurious choices at their disposal, including custom-built plantation shutters, wood shutters, and synthetic shutters. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about synthetic shutters so you can determine if they’re the right design choice for you.

Key Advantages to choosing Synthetic Shutters

There are many major advantages to choosing synthetic shutters. Below are the top five:

  1.   Synthetic shutters don’t absorb moisture like wood or wood-based composite shutters do. Shutters that absorb moisture, such as wood shutters, are prone to swelling when exposed to water, which can affect their functionality and alter their look. Most synthetic shutters are made with materials that are impervious to water, making them a perfect choice for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  2.   Synthetic shutters are typically immune to other kinds of damage, not just water. Termites and other wood-burrowing insects won’t be able to damage them, and neither can extreme temperatures. Constant exposure to direct sunlight will not affect them the way it affects wooden shutters, which become brittle and crack over time.
  3.   Synthetic shutters offer the look and feel of real wood, with increased durability. With the best of both worlds, they’re the perfect solution if you insist on a natural wood look, but also want shutters that can stand the test of time. Frequent or heavy-duty usage can take a toll on natural wood shutters, whereas synthetic shutters are designed to take a beating.
  4.   Synthetic shutters are much easier to clean than wood shutters are. All it takes is a simple wipe down with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Exterior synthetic shutters can easily be hosed down, whether you leave them up or take them down first.
  5.   Due to their construction, synthetic shutters insulate much better than wood shutters do. They have a dual function of keeping cool air in, and heat out, providing the perfect antidote to those hot, Southern California summer days. Synthetic shutters remain the most energy-efficient shutters on the market today, and are an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious.

Commonly-used Synthetic Shutter Materials

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The materials that the synthetic shutters are made of often dictate their price levels, and as is often the case, there’s a direct correlation between price and quality. The information below can help you decide if the benefits provided by a particular type of synthetic shutter outweigh any possible disadvantages when compared to other types of shutters.

Here are some of the most commonly-used materials on the market today:

Medium Density Fiber

Medium density fiber shutters (MDF) are known by several different terms, including hybrid, fiber and composite shutters. This type of synthetic shutter is a composite of sawdust and glue, which is then molded into the desired shutter shape, then coated with a paint finish or vinyl wrap.

Keep in mind that due to their composition, medium density shutters may not be the best choice for areas that are susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens, since exposure to water may cause them to swell.

Poly Vinyl Chloride

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is a type of hollow vinyl, which is usually reinforced by webbing. Due to their construction, PVC shutters are durable and can handle heavy usage.

Foam Synthetics

Foam synthetic shutters are a step up from MDF and PVC shutters, for good reason. They’re water-resistant, fire resistant, non-toxic and insulate extremely well. These shutters resemble wood more closely than medium density fiber and poly vinyl chloride shutters do, and they boast a polycore design with a reinforced aluminum center for improved durability. For these reasons, homeowners should definitely take a look at foam synthetics shutters when considering synthetic shutters.

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At Aero Shade, we believe it’s the attention to detail in design features such as interior and exterior shutters that make a property truly memorable, which is why we’ve carefully honed our work culture these past 75 years in order to maintain the highest standards for products and services. Our exclusive packages of synthetic shutters are always custom-made to our clients’ specifications and expectations, for that perfect fit that leads you to the perfect interior.

Whether you’re looking to increase your property’s market value or simply think it’s time for a makeover, Aero Shade’s combination of high-end, customized options and expert guidance make the difference between a standard quality upgrade and an awe-inspiringly memorable one. We always strive for the latter, which is why our exclusive clientele (including famous celebrities, high-powered executives, top companies and Southern California-based university campuses known for embracing innovative design initiatives such as UCLA and USC) have been placing their earned trust in us since 1947.

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