Window tinting and window frosting are two distinct approaches to window treatment that share one main feature: the alteration of a window’s appearance by direct application of a thin layer of Mylar laminate. The process of application is relatively straightforward. Still, as a rule, only a trained professional can reliably cut the material to its proper size, apply it properly, and avoid creating any defects. At Aero Shade, we carry a full selection of tinting and frosting materials. Regardless of the number of windows you need to cover, our seasoned installers will make sure the work you receive lives up to our high standards for quality window customization.

What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is a process used to control the amount of light entering a room and to achieve a number of other desirable goals. During tinting, Mylar is installed directly on the inside surface of a window. Most manufacturers make their laminates and films from a strong, clear form of polyester that keeps its shape when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

When viewed from the outside, a tinted window may have a flat appearance, as well as a metallic or mirrored appearance. In addition to affecting the look of your home, the type of tint you choose has certain practical effects. For example, the tinting on a window can reduce or block the view from the outside of your house while still making it possible to see from the inside. In addition to reducing light levels, a mirrored or metallic tint can block a substantial percentage of the heat produced by the sun’s rays.

Why Choose Tinting?

There are a number of reasons to choose window tinting, either as a standalone approach or in combination with other window treatments. First, by reducing or blocking the view into your home, a tinted window can significantly increase your feeling of privacy when in your home. While reducing the amount of sunlight entering a room, tinting also reduces the chances that the UV radiation in sunlight will harm your furniture or other valuable décor.

The heat-blocking ability of some types of window tinting can help you control your energy costs by reducing your need for expensive air conditioning. If you have a room that gets a lot of sunlight, window tinting may also reduce glare levels and make it easier to see during certain parts of the day. Finally, the film on a tinted window helps provides protection against broken glass produced by accidents, weather events or purposeful criminal activity.

At Aero Shade, our professional staff can help you determine if window tinting is what you need. If you choose this approach to window treatment, we will walk you through our broad selection of tints and help you decide which option will work best in your home. In addition, we will help you incorporate the application of window tinting into your overall plan for customizing the windows in one room, several rooms, or your entire home or business.

What Is Window Frosting?

Window frosting is a technique used to mimic the appearance of frosted glass, a type of glass produced by relatively expensive processes called sandblasting and acid etching. Both window frosting and frosted glass get their name because finished products typically have an appearance that roughly mimics the appearance of a piece of glass covered in frost. Light can travel through most frosted windows, but you can’t see any clear details when looking at the windows from either direction.

Window frosting is achieved by applying frosted Mylar to a window’s inner surface. There are many styles of frosting available. Traditional styles closely recreate the translucent look of a sandblasted or acid-etched pane of glass. Manufacturers also make opaque or near-opaque versions of window frosting, as well as versions embedded with decorative patterns, versions made in various subdued or bright colors, and versions designed to look like the rice paper traditionally used in Japanese shoji screens.

Why Choose Frosting?

Many people choose to install window frosting because they want to eliminate any clear view into private areas of their home, especially a room like a bathroom. You can also use frosting for a range of other purposes, including blocking your view of unsightly features outside a window, maintaining light levels in a room while blocking the view, and decreasing the likelihood that glass from a broken window will cause injury or property damage. In addition, many individuals simply like the look created by window frosting. If this look appeals to you, chances are you can find a specific product that works with your décor.

A consultation with our in-house experts can help you decide if window frosting is the right choice for you. If you pick this approach, we can explain the wide array of available styles and help you select frosting film that fits your practical requirements while enhancing the overall appearance of your home. As with window tinting, we can also help you coordinate the frosting process with additional forms of window customization.

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Tinting and Frosting Installation

At Aero Shade, we’re well-known for our accurate price estimates, adherence to appointment times and rigid standards for the installation of custom window treatments. Rest assured that customers who choose window tinting and window frosting receive the same exemplary standard of care. Before scheduling an installation, you can visit our Beverly Hills-area showroom, ask questions, and check out working displays that feature samples of the products we sell. You can also arrange an in-home visit from one of our courteous, well-informed design experts. Whichever route you choose, we’ll make sure the end product you receive is installed perfectly and fulfills your expectations.

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