Sliding glass doors provide a beautiful way to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Often expansive, glass doors are large and beautiful, allowing the light from the outdoors to flow right into your home. However, the same qualities that make this type of door attractive also make them difficult to cover.

When you want that extra privacy or a break from the afternoon sun, what do you do? Naturally, you need a window covering. But, which custom window coverings are best for sliding glass doors?

There are many options available; here are some of our favorites:

Vertical Shades

Vertical shades are a popular choice for sliding doors as they can easily be moved off to the side when access to the door is required. This type of shade is also popular thanks to their vast stylistic range.

For example, you can opt for honeycomb vertical shades that are sheer and available in several colors. These shades allow plenty of light to enter the room while also providing the privacy you may require.

Other styles of vertical shades use more traditional louvers in a vertical fashion. These are available in a range of different materials including aluminum, wood and even sheer fabrics as well! With the many colors and materials available you can pick something that matches your interior design and decor perfectly. The selection of materials also allows you to opt for choices that block out the sunlight completely, which is ideal for sliding doors located in a bedroom.


Are you a fan of fabrics? Draperies can also be created for sliding doors. When opting for draperies, the rod is usually extended beyond the doors so that they can be operated freely. This way, the drapes can be pushed off to the side, leaving the doors free, or extended as necessary.

Draperies offer plenty of flexibility in terms of fabrics and design. Choose from sheer fabrics that allow the sunlight to enter or opt for blackout drapes that block the sun’s rays completely. A wide variety of designs are also available so that you can select a fabric that matches the style of your home or commercial space.


Do you love the look of classic wooden shutters? If you assumed shutters wouldn’t work for a sliding door, think again! Available in folding designs, shutters are a great option for covering glass sliding doors. Choose from the plantation shutter style with wide louvers or opt for more traditional styles.

Shutters are available in natural wood or can be painted the color you prefer. This allows for a great deal of flexibility. Because shutters essentially cover the glass doors, they offer maximum privacy and protection from the sun. You can choose a light colored paint to keep things bright inside or opt for a natural wood color that adds a beautiful organic element to your room.

Roller Shades

Another surprising choice; you can also opt for roller shades. With this option, you can choose either motorized or manually operated roller shades. When motorized, these shades can be hung above the door. Their box will conceal them when not in use and they can be brought down as needed.

Hang manually operated roller shades slightly higher above the doors. This gives plenty of space for use while also allowing room for the shades. Roller shade options also allow you to leave only a small space for the door area to be accessed while the other part is covered.

Roller shades are also very versatile regarding the colors and materials that can be used. Opt for fabrics, synthetic materials, or even natural materials such as bamboo. You can also choose the level of light that you’d like by selecting either sheer or more opaque materials.

For the best results for window coverings over your sliding glass doors, seek the assistance of a professional. With an expert helping you, you can get customized window coverings that will fit your glass doors perfectly. In addition to perfectly measured coverings, an expert can ensure that the installation is perfect. This ensures that your coverings will function as they should and also allow easy access to your sliding doors.

So, window coverings on sliding doors have much to offer, including providing protection from the sun and privacy. They can also add style and color to your interior space.

Are you ready to cover your sliding glass doors? Contact Aero Shade Co. for a wide range of custom window coverings for your sliding glass doors. We look forward to serving you soon.