With a rich history of custom-made, high-quality window treatments, shades and window shutters that spans 50 years, we’ve created our own standard of excellence that has stood the test of time. When discerning people in Orange and Los Angeles Counties want the highest quality of shutters for their home, they come to us, and ask our design experts for guidance. Many top-level interior designers refer their clients to us for this reason.

Our products range from customized blinds, woven wood shades, roller shades, and shutters. We only carry top of the line brands, and you can find them in our showroom in Los Angeles, CA. And after many years of catering to the needs of clients with very specific tastes, we have become highly sensitive to our clients’ needs, while honing our approach to customer service.

Window Shutters – Still in Great Demand within Los Angeles

Window Shutters imageWindow shutters are coverings placed around the window frame, and they can open to one or two sides of the window. Those horizontal slats, or louvers as we call them, are placed within the frame so they can be adjusted accordingly. Shutters have a top and bottom horizontal rail to hold the slats in place that’s reinforced by thick, vertical frames called stiles.

Shutters have been around for a very long time. Many historians believe that they were first used in ancient Greece to create more ventilation and light control in their homes. The Greeks first used fixed louvers made of marble, and the concept eventually spread throughout the Mediterranean areas (particularly Spain and Italy). In time, wood was used instead of marble, and movable louver shutters were developed to add better light and air control.

History and legends aside, shutters still perform their work remarkably well. Even today, they’re at their best when filtering light, heat, dust, and noise from coming inside a room. But shutters provide other benefits as well:

  •   Shutters help drain rainwater down without completely cutting off air circulation.
  •   They provide added security because they have latches or locks.
  •   Not only do they offer excellent light control through rotating louvers at various angles, they also offer ultraviolet protection for places where the sun’s rays can be very intense.
  •   Shutters don’t fade, unlike drapes and curtains.
  •   They increase energy efficiency, helping you save on utility bills.
  •   They also add additional value to the home.  In fact, it’s the only window treatment that the IRS considers a “capital home improvement”.

Indeed, shutters are the way to go if you want a functional, practical, and beautiful window treatment for your home. These are classic pieces that never go out of style.

At Aero Shade, shutters are made of wood or synthetic material. To choose which is best for you, we provide free in-home consultation with our professional design team. But we can provide a brief overview here:

Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters add classic warmth to a room. Our wood shutters are made from premium hardwood and fine-crafted to the tradition of dovetail joinery and multiple coat-finishes.

Synthetic Shutters

Synthetic shutters provide a valuable alternative to standard wood shutters. They are durable, weather-resistant, and are almost identical to wood shutters. They are an excellent choice for places where wood may not be appropriate to use, such as very humid or damp places like the bathroom and kitchen.

Shutters made from waterproof polyvinyl come in different colors and can be customized, while those with tight budgets can opt for faux-wood shutters. Made in the UK, these highly durable, waterproof and flame-resistant products cost 40% less than solid wood.

We also provide some other options for you. If you have a specific look you are trying to achieve, let our design experts know, and we will do our very best to accommodate you. These options are not for everyone, but many people prefer them.

Custom-Built Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters go well with both traditional and contemporary designs. They are one of the most popular window coverings, due to their versatility and high resale value. These shutters come in the traditional louver size of 1-1/4 inch, but we’ve gone a step further by creating customized pieces as well. Some of the most popular styles include single or multiple panels, cafe-style, outside or inside mount, or arches.

Painted Shutters

Painted shutters bring a unique personality to your home. They can act as focal points (or subtle accents) that bring an entire room design together. Feeling bold and creative? We highly suggest customizing your entire shutter by painting images of tropical forests, blue skies, or anything that suits your fancy. It’s a surefire way to create conversations with friends and strangers who visit your home.

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Differences Between High and Low Quality Shutters

Many shutters might look the same at first glance, but look closer and you’ll see small details that indicate whether they were well made – or not. We mention this to help you understand the quality of craftsmanship that we offer here at Aero Shade. We realize that you have other options to go to for shutters, but we believe that once you see the quality that we provide, you will choose our experts to help you find the best shutters available for your home. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Low Quality High Quality
Design ●   Four or less louvers.

●   Predetermined (pre-cut) sizes that have fewer slats or louvers. This makes them look unbalanced, and in some cases, less effective. The lesser the louver, the more difficult it is to precisely control the amount of air, light, noise, and even dust that enters the home.*

●   Pre-cut sizes have their limits, but they also have their merits. They are relatively inexpensive compared to most shutters, so they can be a good compromise if you’re on a tight budget.

●   You can increase their functionality by adding some sheer or heavy drapes to better control the amount of light and air that enters the room.

●   Five or more louvers.

●   Customized according to the window’s specific measurement. They require more time to make, because we need to be sure that the shutter rails and the number of louvers inserted in the frame are well-balanced.

●   Better precision when controlling the amount of air, light, noise, and dust that enters the room.

Tools ●   Can easily be distinguished by the hinges and type of glue used to join the material. Often, non-mortise hinges and weak glue are used in these shutters because they are cheaper. Both these materials can easily be removed, and replaced with stronger components that perform better. ●   Use butt hinges since they are the most durable. They also use rabbets, a rectangular groove cut into the edge of a wood. Rabbets allow builders to slide in another panel on the groove cut, making for a stable and very tight fit.
Structure ●   Thin louvers that can easily break over time.

●   Thinner stiles, around 15/16 inches thick. The thicker the stiles are, the more stable and sag-proof your shutters will be.

●   Thicker louvers cut in exact and consistent proportion throughout the entire material.

●   Thicker stiles, with sizes ranging from 1 to 1 1/16 inches.

Paint ●   Low quality paint, and/or only one coat of paint. ●   High quality, long-lasting paint and/or multiple coats of paint.

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Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutters

Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutters

Shutters will always remain popular in homes because they’re functional AND beautiful. Our company specializes in custom window shutters that are made to last a long time. We’ve installed thousands of our products in homes and offices. We’ve sold to individuals, families, government contractors, Hollywood A-listers, and businesses over the years. Call us for a design consultation, or visit our showroom in Beverly Hills. We’re here to help you.