Whether you are planning to redesign your existing Los Angeles home, or plan to move into a new place, one option you may consider is wooden window blinds. Many homeowners choose wood blinds, because they add elegance and warmth to your space. Wood blinds are a perfect alternative to shutters. Designers all over the world love to include wood blinds in home and office interiors. Wood blinds provide an elegant, traditional, and classic look, and add sophistication and richness to your space. They also have a timeless quality. One may remember them from classic Hollywood films; they were a standard feature of interiors in film noir detective dramas from the 1940s.

What are Wood Blinds?

Hunter Douglas Parkland Classics

Hunter Douglas Parkland Classics

Wooden blinds are generally crafted from two different types of wood: Bass wood and Ramin Wood. Bass wood is preferred because it is stronger and features distinctive grains. On the other hand, Ramin wood is less expensive, but also carries a distinctive visual appeal.

Why Install Blinds made of Wood?

Natural beauty: Nature inspires us all, so why not bring natural beauty indoors with custom crafted wooden blinds? Wood is a naturally inviting and elegant material. Including it in the home makes it more upscale and warm.

Unique: As wood blinds are made of natural wood, you can be sure that each is unique in its own way with respect to grain and pattern. When you also consider that your blinds will be custom tailored to fit your windows, you can be sure that your set of wood blinds will be unique.

Easy application: Thanks to the wide selection and versatility of wood blinds, there are several locations where wood blinds will look great. Some of the places where you can add wood blinds are the bedroom, in bow or bay windows, in sliding glass doors, or also in patio or French doors.

Easy to maintain: Wood blinds are easy to clean, and they remain relatively dust-free. As wood blinds are light in weight, they are ideal for larger windows. Also, they don’t bend or bow easily, and thus are quite durable.

The color choice: Just because wood window blinds are made from natural materials doesn’t mean that they have limited color options. You can find colors from dark cherry to white, or mahogany to black, to match your existing interior design. With all these possibilities, finding the perfect wooden window treatment is not only possible; you can really make your interior stand out.

Privacy: If you want to add privacy to your home, wood blinds are an excellent choice. Being completely opaque, they are thick enough to block light and shadows. When they are closed, people cannot see anything inside the room. If you want the room to be very dark, or if you want additional privacy, you should ask for our no-hole option.

Insulation: Wood blinds are excellent insulators against both cold and heat because of their solid wood construction. By closing the blinds completely, you can save money on your heating or air conditioning expenses. Wood blinds will keep your home interior the temperature you want it to be.

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Why choose Aero Shade for Wood Blinds?


Wide range: Whether your home décor is contemporary, traditional or eclectic, you can be sure that we have the right product for you. With our selection of wood blinds, you can find the right style to enhance your home’s appearance, and add beauty and warmth to your living space. The painted and stained slats allow you to complement the existing décor and furniture while avoiding the fuss of introducing prints and colors.

Custom sizes: We even provide custom sizing to ensure that your wood blinds properly fit each window. This is a key service provided by Aero Shade; it sets us apart from other companies that order window treatments in bulk. We guarantee your blinds will be the correct size.

Superior quality: With us, enjoy superior craftsmanship, and choose from an assortment of operating systems and numerous design options that give you unparalleled function, versatility and beauty.

Different finishing options: Our exclusive wood blind window treatments are available in some of the most interesting finishes and laminates to suit your style and décor. It is possible to give your wood blinds a rustic or stained look, or to color them in modern colors to give your home a contemporary feel.

Different styles: We feature both vertical blinds and horizontal blinds in an extensive selection of styles to accompany all manner of diverse architecture and interior décor. We have even have offerings that look exactly like Venetian blinds.

Waterproof Treatment: You can even choose wood blinds that are treated to withstand mildew and mold. Thus, you can even install wood blinds in your kitchen or bathroom where the level of moisture is very high.

Lutron Motors: Lutron has three different motor systems for opening, closing, and tilting blinds. The days of using a metal cords and string are over! Now you can enjoy the ability to control your blinds remotely with the touch of a button. You will have all of your window treatments controlled by one system.

Customized Service for all Wooden Window Treatments

At Aero Shade, we believe that your home or office deserves the best wooden window treatment. Because all of our products are completely customized, we can assure that you will be acquiring products to meet your needs and match your lifestyle perfectly. We let you add the elegance and warmth to your room by empowering you to make the choice that fits your home best.

Aero Shade has more than 50 years of experience, and we assist customers with getting the right wood blinds for their home. Our design consultants will help you decide on the perfect wood blinds while keeping your taste, budget, home décor and preferences in mind. You can also choose from our various Valances, slat sizes, routeless and motorization options at your convenience. With our customized window covering services, you have your dream window blinds without having to compromise your taste.

Aero Shade Delivers the Best Service in Los Angeles

Hunter Douglas Parkland

Whether you’re just moving in or sprucing up your existing home, the experts at Aero Shade promise to deliver custom wood blind window coverings. You can select the color, style and stain, and we promise to bring them to life. Our aim is to make your window blind shopping experience creative, easy and fun. No matter how ambitious your design plans may be, call our design experts and ask one of them to come by. We promise to provide you a perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.