In the Los Angeles area, we’re blessed with plenty of sun-filled days, as well as countless beautiful landscapes. Naturally, this means that homes in the area often feature expansive window layouts designed to take advantage of the climate and scenery. High-quality interior and exterior wood shutters are a perfect way to accent your windows, control the light and temperature in your home and enhance the overall quality of your home environment. However, a one-size-fits-all approach to shutter installation simply won’t meet the needs of many discerning homeowners. At Aero Shade, we specialize in custom wood shutter solutions that meet your every requirement for quality and lasting value.

Why Choose Wood Shutters?

Hunter Douglas Heritage Hardwood Shutters

Hunter Douglas Heritage Hardwood Shutters

Wood shutters have a number of significant advantages for homeowners. They help you keep your house cool in the summertime by blocking direct sunlight, and help you control your wintertime heating costs by acting as an added layer of insulation for your windows. Wood shutters are also relatively easy to clean, provide excellent durability, lower your long-term window covering replacement costs, add to the resale value of your home and provide a timeless quality that defies fads and trends. In homes with children or pets, a wood shutter installation has the added advantage of eliminating the need for potentially hazardous dangling cords or strings.

Importantly, wood shutters are also highly customizable. Whatever your home décor, from Spanish Colonial to ultra-modern, you can typically find a shutter style that blends right in and shows your home at its best. You can also use a variety of paint or stain options to precisely control the color of your wood shades.

Types of Wooden Shutters

Wood shutters come in two main forms: solid panels that have no openings and louvered panels that contain adjustable wooden slats. Options for solid wood panels include flat panels, raised panels that feature a center detail, and rustic-looking board and batten panels. Some traditional louvered panels are relatively small in size and feature fairly narrow slats. However, in Los Angeles, most homeowners prefer another style of louvered panel called a plantation shutter, which is larger than a traditional panel, has wider slats and lets in more light when in the open position.

At Aero Shade, we feature custom-built plantation shutters with a range of louver panel sizes and slat dimensions. This type of shutter works equally well in various areas of the home, gives you maximum flexibility for controlling light and temperature, and often costs less than custom drapes. In addition, our highly skilled professionals can design and install any other type of interior or exterior wood shutter you choose. Whatever style of shutter you request, we also provide an exhaustive number of painting and staining options.

Are Your Wood Shutters Truly Custom?

Many shutter manufacturers mass-produce stock wood shutters that only come in a limited number of sizes and styles. When filling their customers’ orders, some installation companies simply take these stock shutters and cut them down to the desired size. However, an altered stock shutter is not the same as a truly custom shutter that’s specifically designed and built for the interior or exterior of your home. At Aero Shade, we specialize in genuine custom wood shutters designed and installed with the utmost expertise and care. When you work with us, you know that you will receive the very best.

Creating Your Custom Shutters

Custom window covering companies typically don’t directly manufacture the products they sell. Instead, they work with suppliers who take the specifications for any given job and use those specifications to create the desired products. This means that, inevitably, any given company is only as good as the customization specialists it works with. If the window covering company you choose relies on an unproven or unreliable supplier, or frequently switches its suppliers, you simply can’t guarantee you’ll get the consistent high quality you expect.

Unlike some firms, the custom window covering experts at Aero Shade have a longstanding history of working with a select and proven stable of wood shutter suppliers from the greater Los Angeles area. Our ongoing contact with these suppliers gives us the ability to guarantee the workmanship and quality of the custom shutters we receive in our shop. In turn, this gives us the ability to guarantee the workmanship and quality of the shutters we install in our customers’ homes.

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Custom Wood Shutters from Aero Shade Co in Los Angeles

Some of the most distinctive homes in the Los Angeles area have window layouts that pose a considerable design challenge. When purchasing wood shutters, you want to know that you’re working with professionals who know how to assess your needs and help you choose the style of shutter that meets your specific household requirements. You also want an expert staff that will see to every possible installation detail.

At Aero Shade, your personalized experience begins from the moment you contact us. Call Us or Contact Us for a free in-home consultation. Some customers begin by visiting our showroom in the Beverly Hills area, which contains samples of the many types of wood shutters we carry and install. However, in many cases, the process begins with an in-home visit by a member of our professional sales staff. Regardless of how you contact us, we listen closely to your needs and ideas, keep an eye out for any special considerations and take careful measurements of your home’s windows. Once we know the scope of your project and the type of wood shutter you prefer, you will receive a free, detailed estimate of both the cost and the time it will take to prepare your custom wood shutters.

We know that you have a number of options when it comes to choosing a high-end provider for your quality custom wood shutters. That’s why we take your time seriously. It’s also why we consistently meet our estimates for the manufacture of your custom shutters and continually work to optimize the installation process. When we have your shutters prepared, Aero Shade’s highly skilled installers arrive at your home on time and ready to go. With our attention to detail and 50-plus years of expertise, we install your shutters to your exact specifications, answer any questions you may have about the process and provide you with the exemplary service you expect when you choose the Los Angeles leader in custom window coverings.