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Los Angeles is famous for its sunny and relatively mild Mediterranean climate.  While this natural environment appeals in many ways, area residents must take steps to limit their indoor exposure to sunlight if they want to control the temperature in their homes and keep their utility costs reasonably low.  When seeking options for covering their windows, owners of distinctive homes commonly seek out custom solutions that allow them to meet practical objectives while maintaining aesthetic appeal.  For many homeowners, the perfect solution is custom woven wood shades created from cost-effective, top-quality materials.  At Aero Shade Custom Window Coverings, our in-house design experts have decades of experience creating and installing woven wood shades for countless homes throughout the Los Angeles area.

What Are Woven Wood Shades?

Woven wood shades are a family of window coverings made from certain natural materials.  In addition to various types of wood, these materials include reeds, bamboo and other large grasses, rattan, and a plant fiber called jute.  When used to make shades, these materials provide varying degrees of privacy and access to sunlight.  Tightly woven shades let in relatively small amounts of light (or no light at all), while providing a high degree of privacy.  On the other hand, loosely woven shades let in relatively large amounts of light while providing a lower degree of privacy.

Some woven wood shades belong to a larger family of window coverings called roller shades.  All products in this family are raised and lowered into position by a rolling mechanism attached to an adjustable clutch.  Other woven wood shades belong to the Roman shade family of coverings.  All products in this family share some of the sensory appeal of curtains (particularly, the use of soft materials), as well as some of the functional features of Venetian blinds.  There are several possible ways to raise and lower a woven wood shade.  Some products feature a traditional pull cord, while other cordless versions require direct manipulation by hand.  In addition, you can purchase this type of shade in a motorized version operated by wired or wireless controls.

There is considerable variation in the appearance of woven wood shades.  In addition to products woven from softer natural materials, this diverse window covering category includes matchstick shades, which feature thin, horizontal strips of wood, bamboo or rattan.  The category also includes natural grasscloth, a woven fabric made from materials such as jute, rushes and bamboo fibers.

Why Choose Woven Wood Shades?

There are a number of reasons to choose woven wood shades as window treatments for your distinctive Southern California home.  First, like all other shades and blinds, these products help you control the amount of light entering your home.  In addition to making daily life more comfortable, this light control can help you reduce your energy costs and keep your valuable furniture protected from the sun’s damaging UV light.  Like other types of shades and blinds, woven wood shades also help you selectively screen the interior of your home from public view.

Woven wood shades also have unique benefits.  First, the natural materials used to create these shades add a notably organic element to your home décor.  You can also use woven wood shades in combination with other products to achieve a desired interior look while maximizing your ability to control sunlight.  For example, you can pair this type of window covering with a UV-filtering fabric liner that helps you protect your furniture while retaining a bright and airy feeling indoors.  In addition, you can pair a woven wood shade with an opaque blackout liner that essentially eliminates the passage of outdoor light.  Since they’re made from renewable plant resources rather than manmade chemicals, these shades also help support goals for environmentally friendly interior design.

At Aero Shade, we have decades of experience customizing and installing woven wood shades.  A consultation with our in-house experts can help you determine if these window coverings are the right choice for your new home or remodeling project.  If you choose woven wood shades, our experts can also help you choose suitable materials and weave patterns.  In addition, we can help you choose between roller shade versions of these products and Roman shade versions.  Regardless of the options you choose, we focus on fulfilling your specific design needs.

Customizing Your Woven Wood Shades

Like other types of stock roller shades and stock Roman shades, stock woven wood shades are available in a limited number of size and design options.  While these options may be suitable in some situations, discerning homeowners frequently want to maximize their design choices and meet their own unique set of functional and aesthetic requirements.  These requirements may include such things as the need to cover unusually large or irregularly sized windows, as well as the need to match existing décor or support a larger overall design scheme.  Or you may envision a design that requires motorized shades to increase the ease and precision of controlling light levels in your home.  If you have unique household requirements and want to increase your available options, you will need to purchase custom woven wood shades made especially with your home in mind.

When choosing a source for your customized window coverings, it’s critically important to choose a company with a well-established track record for creating exceptional products made from top-quality materials.  Other crucial considerations include the expertise of the company’s staff, the level of customer service you receive and the level of accommodation for unusual or extraordinary requests.  At Aero Shade, we stand committed to excellence in each of these essential areas, as we have done for years.

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For more than half a century, the professionals at Aero Shade have supplied custom window coverings for some of Los Angeles’ most desirable addresses.  When you come to us for woven wood shade customization, you can count on receiving the very best in service, product selection, product quality and accurate, convenient installation.  You can begin with a visit to our showroom in the Beverly Hills area, which features working examples of our line of woven wood products.  Or, if you wish, you can arrange a home consultation with one of our design experts that will give our staff a firsthand understanding of the nature and size of your project.  Whichever choice you make, rest assured that the end product you receive will uphold your standards for practicality, beauty and lasting craftsmanship.