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Custom shades are a popular and diverse group of window coverings that help you control the light level and temperature in your Los Angeles home, while maintaining an elegant look and matching other design elements of your décor. You can customize virtually all aspects of these coverings, including their style, color, size and the types of material they contain. At Aero Shade, we carry a complete range of custom shade products designed to meet your every expectation for selection and quality. When customized and installed by our expert staff, these products will add beauty and value to your home for years to come.

What Are Custom Shades?


All shades have several characteristics in common. First, products in this category are made from relatively soft materials, rather than the hard materials used to make Venetian blinds and other types of blinds. Some materials used for shade construction include: traditional fabrics, modern composite fabrics, and woven woods, reeds and grasses.

Unlike blinds, which allow you to control light levels by tilting them in addition to raising or lowering them, shades may be raised, lowered or designed to remain in a fixed position. However shade fabrics come in a wide variety of thicknesses and transparency levels, and you can usually find just the right product for the range of light control you desire. Shade fabrics often have additional characteristics (e.g. resistance to UV light) that add to their usefulness in unique ways.

Custom Window Shade Styles for your Los Angeles Home

skylight-roller-shades-los-angeles-custom-window-coverings1Custom shades come in a range of styles, each of which has its own characteristics and best applications. Aero Shade’s comprehensive selection of products includes:

Roller Shades

A roller shade is a product that relies on a built-in, adjustable roller mechanism to slide into place over your windows or skylights. In many cases, a cord attached to this mechanism lets you precisely control the position of the shade. However, people with small children or pets often prefer a cordless version that’s positioned by pulling on the shade’s lower edge. In addition, some roller shades have internally mounted motors that let you make positional changes with a wired switch or a wireless controller.

Roller shades come in a range of transparency levels that determine how much light they allow into a room when in the lowered position. The sheerest available fabrics let in lots of light and provide a fairly clear view of the outside world. At the opposite end of the range, the most opaque fabrics block out almost all sunlight. Roller shades are made from traditional textiles, as well as space-age composite materials. They come in a vast number of colors and patterns, and often have special properties, such as the ability to control mold growth or screen out the sun’s UV radiation.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades sold in Los Angeles

Roman shades are generally made with the same soft fabrics used to make curtains. However, instead of opening and closing horizontally like a curtain, they open and close vertically like a venetian blind. When lowered, some shades of this type lie completely flat or display a simple pleated pattern. Other versions have a more decorative appearance that may feature draping folds or inverted pleats. Like roller shades, a Roman shade may be operated by a mechanism attached to a pull cord, or by a wired or wireless motor.

Roman shade fabric comes in the same basic range of transparency levels as roller shade fabric. As a rule, manufacturers of Roman shades place a heavier emphasis on traditional textiles, although they also make products from modern composite materials. Some versions of this window covering can open from the top down, as well as from the bottom up.

Woven Wood Shades

custom-window-coverings-woven-wood-shades-los-angeles-countyWoven wood shades are a diverse range of window coverings made from thin, horizontal strips of natural materials that include wood, reeds, and bamboo. Some manufacturers use automated processes to weave these materials together, while others use a mixture of automated processes and handcrafting, or create their products entirely by hand. The density of the weave on a woven wood shade determines how much light it lets into a room. Additional light control can be gained through the attachment of a backing fabric.

Some woven wood shades feature the same sort of rolling mechanism as roller shades, and appear generally similar to this type of window covering when hung. Other woven wood products operate in the same basic manner as Roman shades, and appear generally similar to this type of window covering. A wood, reed or bamboo shade may come in a hand-operated corded or cordless version. It may also come in a wireless or wired motorized version.

Stationary Shades

As their name implies, stationary shades remain in one place rather changing positions like a roller shade, Roman shade or woven wood shade. This type of covering is designed for any window that you don’t plan to use to adjust the light levels in a room. You can also use a stationary shade to cover a transom above a doorway, an open arch above a passageway, a glazed dome, or a window in a particularly hard-to-access location.

Traditional stationary shades are simple vertical panels that hang from the frame of a window. However, if you need to cover a curved window, you can install another form of this product that uses a series of pleated, arced panels specially cut to fit the dimensions of that window. Stationary shades come in the same range of thicknesses, fabric options and color options as movable shades.

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